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Riding the Trans Mongolian train with kids.

Riding the Trans Mongolian train with kids.

At home in Melbourne we use trains for commuter use back and forth to work or to explore the city on a weekend. It’s about getting from A to B but when we go overseas trains take on a whole new level of adventure and […]

Another 24 hours.

Another 24 hours.

You can fly from Bangkok to the capital of Laos (Vientiane) in about an hour. We decided to make a real adventure of it by taking a sleeper train ( approx 12 hours) to the border at Nong Khai then a little train over the […]

Sleeper train. Amsterdam to Munich.

Sleeper train. Amsterdam to Munich.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSsObS979YA&w=500&h=305]

” I’m on the sleeper train in Germany. We just left Amsterdam. You can see a view of Amsterdam. Here’s our cabin.


We got the sleeper train from Amsterdam to Munich. It’s through DBahn ( city night line) and booked online 60 days in advance. ( it cost €238 Euro for our family) We booked a 4 berth cabin. ( essentially each cabin in second class has 6 beds but we booked it out) We slept on couchettes. ( seat turned bed). There is a toilet at the end of the carriage and the trip is 10 hours. Each bed has a pillow, a sheet and a blanket.

Sounds perfect?


The kids loved it.

Cooper slept so soundly as did Pep.

I couldn’t sleep properly as there was a strange noise under my bed. I have a rodent phobia. I put my feet on the ground and something touched my foot…..it was Woody! He’d fallen from his bed, rolled under mine and was trying to scratch his way out of there in the dark.

He then had a tummy ache and woke up every couple of hours…….

We made it to Germany, to the city of Munich, in the Bavaria region.


For an easy dinner on the train, grab some premade sandwiches at the station or from a shop in town and enjoy with a bottle of wine. There is a snack/drink carriage on the train too.