The Best Family Travel Gear.

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 The best family travel gear for kids and adults. Family travel with three kids doesn’t mean you have to pack everything plus the kitchen sink. You can pack light! These are our favourite travel items that make our family travels smoother and more adventurous.

After a recent 11 week Asian adventure and 3 years of travelling carry on only, we have compiled a list of our travel must haves.

We love and trust all these items and brands and would only recommend things we have used and would use again.


Andrew and I both use the Osprey Porter 46L carry on bag. It’s is the largest bag that you can use for carry on only. We used this on 11 flights across Asia on 6 different carriers and it always fit well in the overhead locker. It was also great to fit on buses and trains. We were able to easily stick to the 7kgs limit for 11 weeks of travel. It is really comfy to carry too.

Pepper (9)  uses the Kathmandu 28L bag.

Woody (6) uses the Kathmandu 18L bag.

We use travel cubes to sort and organise all our belongings.


We travel with 4 iPads.

Cooper has an iPad Air 2.

Andrew whats an iPad 3.

Pepper and Woody have iPad Mini’s 

I use a Mac Book Air.

We use this charger with 4 USB ports and charges a Mac Book.

Cooper uses bluetooth headphones that fold easy for storage.


I use a Canon 70D. I carry it in a Vanguard bag which allows me to carry the camera, spare battery, passports and my wallet when we explore for the day.


We do lots of train trips and recommend using a travel sleeping bag liner /sleep sheet. just incase the sheets are not looking so great! We have the super light ones for Asia train travel. Our last trip Andrew also brought a spare pillowcase which he could stuff with clothes for a makeshift pillow or also just cover a train pillow to feel more at home.


I love my Keen sandals and infact it’s all I wore for 11 weeks through Asia. I have had the same pair for 5 years and they are super comfy. They are great for all terrain and easy to throw in the wash if needed. I also like to dab them with a bit of eucalyptus oil to keep them smelling great!

Pepper and Woody also wear kids Keens.

Cooper wears supportive shoes to help with his walking and ankle support.


We pack very light so we need clothes that last a long time and that wash and dry easily.

I love these pants that convert from pants to shorts and pockets are a must! I like having the long pants for flights or horse riding and the shorts for the humid hot weather.

We love choosing layers for the kids as it suits different weather conditions or a cooler plane or train. Pepper loves wearing leggings and a dress while the boys are comfy in shorts an a t-shirt in warmer climates.

We are very conscious of being sunsmart and you can find some great new swimwear from the Cancer Council Australia ( available at Big W) like long sleeve rashvests and pants for swimming.

Educational APPS.

We love using EPIC which is an online Library with books, videos and read to me book to suit all ages and abilities.

Reading Eggs


Khan Academy

Travel Journals.

Pepper and Woody use the Travelling with kids journal.  

It is a great size to be able to write 2 or three sentences and draw a picture or add in a photo or ticket stub.


These are the things people don’t want to talk about but you’ll be so grateful having these in an emergency.

Vomit Bags

Travel John ( toilet)

Carry On toiletries ( 100ml limit)

Travel Research.

One of the best parts of travel is no doubt the research. We love reading books about a new destination. We love watching documentaries or You’ve videos too. The kids also make use of the school and local library.

We love the Lonely Planet guides.

We used the China, Japan and Mongolia ones for our last trip.

Kids books by Lonely Planet are also fantastic. We love this one. 

Do you travel carry on only? We would love to hear your tips!

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