Kuching with kids. Visit Malaysian Borneo.

Kuching with kids. Visit Malaysian Borneo.
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Exploring the state of Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo is like stepping back in time. Exploring Kuching with kids will have you adventuring through wide open spaces, abundant wildlife and a culture that adores children. Kuching for kids will be an enriching experience for the whole family.

Kuching the capital of Sarawak lies right on the Sarawak River dotted with historic colonial buildings and small family run stalls to dine while watching the sunset. We loved our time in Kuching and share our top 5 things to experience with kids.

  1. Get close to nature.

    Exploring Sarawak along the river gives an amazing insight into the lives of people living and existing on the water. We took a tour with Brendan along the river and it remains a huge highlight of our time in Borneo. Brendan was able to share his passion of the area with the kids and adults alike and had us all searching for crocodiles and monkeys along the river. We saw wild Probiscus monkeys playing in the trees, small crocodiles running through the mud and amazing fireflies dotting the night sky at dusk. Visiting the residents of the Muslim stilt village had us chatting with locals and getting a glimpse into every day life on the river.

kuching with kids

2. See Orangutans  in their natural habitat.

Visiting Semenggoh Rehabilitation centre had us witnessing the amazing Orangutan as close to the wild as possible. For 1.5 hours each day ( 9am-10am and 15.00-1530)  they allow a small group of people to come and visit and watch the feeding of these beautiful creatures. On the day we visited we saw a mother and a baby which was a great sign that the others were becoming more self sufficient. The path to the feeding area is through some jungle so make sure you wear sturdy shoes. Please do not bring any food or drink and take note of the safety demonstration beforehand. The centre is about 20 mins drive from the centre of town. We arranged a private tour from our accommodation which allowed us even more insight into these amazing animals.

3. Walk along the river.

The river walk is the perfect place to spend an evening. The wide flat paths are perfect for all abilities and watching the sunset over the river is beautiful. There are opportunities to take a boat across to the other side or even cruise along the river. In the evening small market stalls set up and there are some great food offerings from small family run kitchens. Make sure you try some of the beautiful drinks like iced coffee and mango shakes. It is easy to grab a taxi or an uber to the area just ask them to drop you at the Bazaar.

kuching with kids

4. Engage in Sarawaks history and culture.

A visit to the Sarawak cultural village  is a great opportunity for kids to have some hands on learning. On arrival you get a passport book to fill with a stamp at each area which really helps keep the kids interested and engaged. Getting to explore inside the houses was a great way to learn about the past and how people used to live. We all enjoyed the music and the great show at the end of the day.

This experience is not particularly wheelchair friendly. Most of the long houses and huts are up a good steep set of steps. Access to the theatre is good.

The centre is about an hours drive from town. We used uber there and back. ( on the return trip we had to wait about 20 mins for a car to be in the area)

kuching with kids

5. Relax

Kuching does get hot and sticky so a great way to keep the kids excited about exploring is to break the day up with a swim! We stayed at a great little place with two connecting rooms right by the pool. This is where we discovered our amazing guide and now friend Brendan.

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kuching for kids

kuching with kids

4 thoughts on “Kuching with kids. Visit Malaysian Borneo.”

  • Great post Bron
    I love orangutans and have always wondered whether a visit to the rehab centre would be fantastic or feel overly touristy and commercial. What time of year did you visit and was it a good time to go?

    • Hi Michelle, We visited at the end of August. I didn’t find it too touristy at all. In the morning we went there was around 100 people. Because you have to be so quiet it didn’t seem busy though! We really recommend the boat tour it was fantastic seeing animals in the wild and wasn’t busy at all.

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