Kyoto with kids. Our top 5 experiences.

Kyoto with kids. Our top 5 experiences.
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Is Japan on your bucketlist?Kyoto with kids will be an enriching experience for your family. The once capital is home to brilliant gardens and traditional houses, shrines, temples and many family friendly activities for your next family holiday. We spent 1 week in Kyoto and these are  our top 5 experiences with kids.

1. Exploring magical gardens.

In the heat of Summer the beautiful gardens are the perfect place to cool down and walk amongst nature. They are great anytime of year as you can see different colours and blooms. This garden surrounded Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) which is a Zen temple along Kyoto’s eastern mountains. It had a beautiful walk to a view over the whole of Kyoto. It is a good idea to wear comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen in Summer. There are plenty of places to grab a drink or something to eat on the way back into the city.

There are many other gardens and temples in the area so it makes a great day trip. Wanting to explore even more gardens? Why not check out the Kyoto Botanical Gardens.

Entry is 500 Yen.

Bus number 5, 17 or 100 from Kyoto Station.

Kyoto with kids

2. Temple time.

Our favourite temple to visit and one that has been on my list for a long time is the Shinto Fushimi Inari. Made famous by the amazing orange Torii Gates. It is very well touristed but an great place to explore with kids as there is lots to see.

During the Summer there were loads of mosquitos so remember your repellant.

Entry is FREE

There are lots of food and drink places close by.

JR station Inari is the closest station.

Kyoto with kids

3. Manga caricature.

The Manga Museum in Kyoto along with an great children library also has some special sessions on the weekends. The kids loved getting their portraits done Manga style and the results are just so fantastic. There is also a space for them to draw and create and a big lawn to run around on.

This building is wheelchair accessible.

Kinbuki cho 452, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city

For more information head here as times and sessions do change.

Kyoto with kids

4. Kalidescope Museum.

Just around the corner from the Manga Museum is a small Kaleidoscope museum and they are perfect to combine together for a morning. This museum is set up in just one room but my kids spent over an hour playing with such a huge variety of Kaleidoscopes. Hands on learning at its best.

Adults 300 Yen Kids 200 Yen.

5. Philosophers Path.

The path gets its name due to Nishida Kitaro, one of Japan’s most famous philosophers, who was said to practice meditation while walking this route on his daily commute to Kyoto University.While Woody ran most of the way it is a beautiful peaceful walk. Approximately two kilometers long, the path begins around Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) and ends in the neighborhood of Nanzenji. During Summer the trees provided shade and during Autumn the Cherry blossoms cover the canal.

Kyoto with kids

Do you have a favourite Japanese city? You can read all our Tokyo adventures  here. 

Kyoto with kids


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