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Taipei for Kids. Our top 5 experiences for Family Travel.

Taipei for Kids. Our top 5 experiences for Family Travel.

With it’s amazing food markets. Cheap and efficient transport. Adventures across  both city and nature scapes. Taipei the capital city of Taiwan is the perfect place for your next family adventure. There are plently of fun things to do with kids in tow and we […]

The World Street Art Bible.

The World Street Art Bible.

One of my favourite free and accessible experiences while travelling is wandering through new streets and laneways in the hope of discovering some creative street art. I love learning about the history of street art and trying to decide if it’s actually street art or […]

What travel has taught these well travelled kids.

What travel has taught these well travelled kids.

Without a doubt travel teaches kids so much. From learning about new cultures, to eating new foods, learning new languages and stepping outside their comfort zone. I am a strong believer that travel opens the eyes and hearts of our children and they develop an awareness and empathy for all different types of people.

But don’t take my word for it! Here are the opinions of some well travelled kids to share what Travel Means to them and what they have learnt.


Mariana (7) –

Traveling taught me to speak new languages and it is an experience of going to new places and meeting new people.I loved visiting the zoo (in Prague) but I did not like it when I got lost in a big shopping mall.It was so much fun learning new things about new countries and new foods like ‘Leberkäse’ (a German specialty).Traveling means that you can spend more time with your family and be making new friends.The food was sometimes good, especially in Germany, and sometimes gross.The people were so nice and I made so many new friends. I enjoyed the traveling; it’s fun.

Pepper (9) 

I have learnt to speak with many different people who speak a different language I can communicate with hand actions, point to things and try and use some local words. I am learning to try things even if I am scared . I even jumped off a boat into the water to snorkel.I don’t need many things for 3 months I had  4 pencils and a rubber and textas and I could read a book. I had three outfits and I could carry my own bag. I get along more with my brothers because we all mix ideas and we can make a game and we spend so much more time together.


Travel has taught me that there is so much history and artefacts in the world. It is really inspiring to be able to see things that were so old and all the way back from the ancient times. You can see how some of them have fallen apart but we are still really lucky to have them still there for us to explore. Meeting new people while travelling is also really good. They have the same interests as you and you can chat to them all about where you have been and what you have seen. I love travel!
I love to travel and hear other people’s point of view. They have different ideas about the world than what we do and they have other celebrations or festivals that we may not celebrate here. If they do have the same celebrations they may celebrate them differently than what we do so it is great to be able to be a part of their way of life and see it from their point of view. I also like to be able to go to museums and see how things we learn about here have actually affected people in their own country. Their history is longer and very different to ours here.
Being exposed to so many different cultures in my life has been the most amazing gift, and I am so, so grateful to my mum and dad for sharing the world with me. They have taken me to 23 different countries and along the way I have been exposed to so many different cultures. These experiences have taught me that we shouldn’t fear people or their differences, like some people do, and instead we should embrace them. Because the world is far more interesting and beautiful for them. No matter where they live, what language they speak, how they look, who they love, who they believe in, or what they eat, I’ve discovered that the majority of people are awesome – and despite our cultural differences we are all far more similar than we are different.
Travel has taught us some new food like pain aux raisin which in France and in Morocco they make a tagine and we liked to eat it. We also like wagashi which is Japanese sweets.

Different countries has taught us different words and languages.

We like meeting new people when we travel and we’ve made friends from other countries like France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, England and Croatia. If they don’t speak our language then we just play with them anyway! 

We like going on planes, buses, tuk-tuks (little motorbikes with a carriage in the back for people).

We like going to different landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, big mosques in Asia, Buddhist temples and the golden temple in Japan.

Travelling means going on vacation. You have fun, relax, try different things, meet new friends go to different hotels. I like that the beds are comfortable and we all share a room. I like flying too, I like all the things about travel!
I liked rock climbing when we went to Jordan. We went camping in the desert and I liked it because we got lots of cuddly warm blankets in our tent.  I also liked spotting the insects, especially lady birds and spiders.

I have learnt that backpacks are heavy but if you ask your mum nicely she will take some things out of it and carry those for you so that it is lighter. I have learnt that if we miss the train there are other ways to get there (or we just wait for the next train). I know that lots of people don’t get to travel as much as we do and we are blessed to be able to go to lots of different countries to experience their culture and learn a little about their life. But mostly I have learnt how to sleep just about anywhere!

Cooper (12) 

I have learnt to live simply if it is in a hotel or a ger or in somebody’s house . It’s not really a holiday any more  it’s much more than a holiday. Instead of going to big restaurants go to local markets.  Instead of going on a tour we use public transport with the locals we use buses trains and boats and even horses backs in Mongolia in the Ger. 

Ella (9) 

Travel has taught me how to make temporary friends.  When we lived on a sailboat in the Bahamas for six months, I was making and leaving friends all the time.  Travel taught me even when I leave friends, it doesn’t mean we aren’t friends anymore.  Another thing I have learned is that there are some people in the world that don’t have the same things as we do.  For example, their toilets are just rough out-houses and some of them just live in mud huts.  I saw this a lot in India.  That made me reflect on my own life and realize how lucky I am to have everything I have.

Besides learning that I love most food except pasta, travel has taught me that I really don’t like rollercoasters or any rides that are super fast. It’s quite funny that rides are pretty much the same in each country we go to. They pretend to be different with their different languages, different colours and all that type of thing, but they’re really the same. You’re not getting me on one. Oh, and I have also learned that I’m really good at reading bus and train timetables in all different languages. I have a great sense of direction too which means I help mum and dad each time they get lost!
In Japan I tried lots of different food that I hadn’t tried before. I didn’t like it all but some I did. I think that means that sometimes you’ll find new and exciting things if you give it a try. But sometimes you won’t like it, and that’s okay too.
I love learning about all the traditional things in the countries we visit. We have just been to Macedonia and I tried on a traditional folk costume. It was so heavy! I wouldn’t have known that if I had just looked at pictures.
Lastly, I’ve learned that there’s nothing quite as good as your bed at home but you need to visit other places to remind you of that.

 We would love to hear form your kids in the comments below!
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