5 Ways to have a Staycation.

5 Ways to have a Staycation.
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Not exploring right now? Saving up for that trip of a lifetime?

Why not have a Staycation in your own hometown with all the things you love about being overseas?

Right now we are living in Melbourne with our next adventure planned for Easter. We will be heading across the waters to New Zealand to discover the North Island for the first time. Some of our favourite experiences while travelling can be recreated in our own home with just a little inspiration and planning.

  1. Explore different cuisines.

One of our favourite things about travel is trying new foods. Walking down the street in Penang and eating a Nasi Lemak at a local street food venue is the best! Unwrapping that banana leaf rice parcel is one of my favourite food memories. You don’t have to go to Penang to eat Nasi Lemak though!

Why not create it at home? or even head out to your local Malaysian takeaway!

We love using Pohs recipe found here on the SBS website.

2. Make some popcorn and watch a family movie together.

After a full day of exploring we love sitting together and watching a movie. While we travel we use the laptop with some downloaded movies. Usually anything with Adam Sandler makes us all laugh. We also love checking out new cinemas in different countries and seeing how different they are to ones back home.

The bonus of doing it at home is a big comfy couch and a bigger screen.

3. Have a manicure/pedicure.

Without a doubt one of the highlights of travelling through  South East Asia is being able to reward yourself with a mani/pedi after a full day of exploring temples or palaces. While we were in Laos we would head out in the cool of the evening and after dinner find a place to relax. Pepper loves getting her nails painted and a massage really helps Coopers muscles.

At home set yourself up for some pampering!

You will need:

  • towels
  • small bowls/buckets of warm water.
  • footscrub
  • facewasher
  • lotion
  • nailpolish
  • nailpolish remover

4. Go for an evening walk.

After dinner head outdoors. Be a tourist in your own hometown. We are lucky to live just a ten minute walk to the beach so we can catch a beautiful sunset while the kids play in the sand. It reminds me of when we travelled to Italy and we would head out after dinner to discover a new gelato flavour.

5. Grab your camera.

Photography is a highlight for me while travelling. I love capturing my kids exploring new places and the amazing architecture. I love seeing the photos my kids take when they are handed a camera. Head out to your own street or garden and see what life looks like through a child’s eyes. You could also book into a photography tour of your home city. For more travel photography tips check out Travel With Meraki.

How do  you Staycation?


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