Finding and booking the best flights!

Finding and booking the best flights!
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I am a planner, an organiser.

Not when I see or get word of an airline sale though.

Finding the best flight
Melbourne to ANYWHERE

When it comes to holidays and travel though I often just see an airline sale and book. I might mention some dates to Andrew across the living room and do a quick school holiday scanning but mostly I just book bargain fares and then plan.

This happened when Airasia had a 1 hour flash sale. I had seen the email and then received about 10 phone calls from friends! I booked 5 tickets from Melbourne to Penang return for $400. At the time I had 3 windows open on the laptop willing to go to Penang, Vietnam or Langkawi. ( the 3 places on sale!)

finding the best flights
Penang for a bargain price

Another example this year I had booked flights via KL to Sri Lanka and this was going to be our big adventure. I booked about 8 months out. I then saw a sale to Japan and booked that too.

I then realised there was only 5 weeks in between holidays!

We loved both of those adventures and can’t wait to get back into the air again. I am just waiting for a good flight sale to come up! ( Seriously though we are staying in our home state for the rest of this year just incase anyone from school is reading this!)

finding the best flight
Ready for adventure

Our top tips for finding and booking the best budget airline flights!

  • Sign up to the airlines newsletters and alerts to get a heads up on sales. I am currently signed up to Airasia, Jetstar, Scoot and Tiger.
  • Check flights with Skyscanner and sign up for alerts. Skyscanner lets you search for any destination and allows you to book direct with airline or other sites. I love the option of typing in Melbourne to ANYWHERE just to see where we could go!
  • If you have to stick to school holidays have the dates written down next to you. Often you will find that just leaving a few days before end of term works out more affordable.
  • ┬áThe last thing I want to do at 3am is try to read passport numbers and type them. Being signed up or a member to an airline like Airasia means that you don’t have to plug in all the passport details ( they can be saved) right there at sale time.
  • Have a budget in mind and stick to it! Research current prices so you have an idea of what you should be paying or are willing to pay.
  • Be flexible! sometimes you have to have a longer connection time to get the cheaper flights.
  • I never prebook seats or luggage on budget airlines as it adds to the ticket price necessarily as we aim to travel carry on only and have always been seated together.
  • Pay using Paypal as there are no fees involved. ( updated to add that using POLI will add $1.50 per booking)
  • Press that BOOK NOW button and enjoy the planning and adventure!
finding the best flight
Finding the best flight is easy!

Where are you heading next?


2 thoughts on “Finding and booking the best flights!”

  • I think this is the reason I leave the booking up to Mark as there is just no way I would be able to stop myself from booking holidays all the time. Plus with his saving habits, he would go into complete meltdown if he was unable to save for everything before we left! Thanks for the tips guys!

    • Hahaha! I often just look across at Andrew and say want to go to…. and press book! His HR manager did actually name me and my booking ways in a meeting last year! haha

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