Exploring SriLanka with the Leap & Hop Travel Book.

Exploring SriLanka with the Leap & Hop Travel Book.
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The world is their classroom and I believe kids learn so much while exploring new countries. We spent three weeks exploring the country of SriLanka and our Leap&Hop interactive travel journal came with us each and every day. It is in fact more than a journal. It is a great learning and education tool that allows kids to write, draw, colour, design and engage in activities specific to the new country  or city they are exploring.

SriLanka with kids

Pepper our just turned 8 year old really enjoyed the journal as it contained a big variety of activities and learning tools. It had just the right mix of information aimed at a kid level while extending her learning about this wonderful country.

She could start using it just before we left to show what happens at the airport, what she would pack and what she would expect from a new adventure. It got her thinking about what lay ahead.

SriLanka with kids

When we arrived she had already been practising SriLankan greetings so she could say “hello” and “thankyou” right away. Our taxi driver from the airport helped her with her pronunciation and she received many many smiles along the way as she communicated with new friends.

The journal has many practical learning tools making it fun to learn about a different currency, what the money looks like and comparing the costs of items in the new place compared to at home. The bonus of this was that this was also a task her classroom teacher had set her!

She was able to do the word search and colouring activities while at dinner, on the bus, on the train  which kept her occupied and engaged.

SriLanka with kids

She used her travel book to learn more about the special spices of SriLanka when we visited the Spice Garden just out from Dambulla.

SriLanka with kids

IMG_9611 (1)

She used the journal in Dambulla as she explored the Buddhist cave rock matching up the pictures in her book with the real life ones.

SriLanka with kids

While exploring the ancient city of Polonnaruwa she searched for elephant carvings hidden on the old ruins and could engage with our guide about this ancient city. He even offered her a job!

SriLanka with kids

Srilanka with kids

The information is written in engaging and easy to understand language and Pepper could complete the pages on her own with little adult support. It is colourful, has beautiful illustrations and is easy to follow. She enjoyed learning about a different culture and many different religions while in SriLanka and she will be able to remember it all when looking back on her special Leap&Hop journal.

SriLanka with kids


Leap & Hop Travel books are available to buy here and they currently include books from Bali, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, New York, Paris and Hong Kong. Here is a list of all their stockists.

You can also follow their adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

Isabelle Demenge, the Author

Isabelle Demenge is a native of Paris who moved to New York City to start a family. She has lived many lives: mother of three boys, banking & finance lawyer in a major international firm, world traveler, amateur photographer and writer. A graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and the University of Paris II, she is now based in Hong Kong where she enjoys family trips, photography, and travel writing.
Facing the difficulties of traveling with small children in Cambodia, she decided to write for her kids the book that she was looking for. Having passed her kids’ crash-test, she decided to develop a series of children’s travel books.

We were thrilled to road test this travel book for SriLanka and were gifted this book for our adventures. As always all opinions are our own.

Exploring SriLanka with Leap and Hop Travel books.

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  • It looks brilliant Bron.
    In fact I just went ahead and ordered the Singapore one for Emily.
    She is a bit of a reluctant reader in English, so i am hoping the short text and interesting information appeals to her.
    Thanks for the tip (and isn’t Pepper looking grown up these days?!).

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