Flying Carry On Only. What’s in our toiletry/medicine bag?

Flying Carry On Only. What’s in our toiletry/medicine bag?
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We have now got 4 carry on only flights under our belts and have learnt a lot this last 12 months. We have been to Laos, Penang, Bali and Japan without the need to check in luggage. Saving on budget airlines bag fees, jumping on public transport more easily and fast packing and unpacking.

We are learning to reduce our bag weight even more by doing away with neck pillows, big teddy bears and limiting outfits to just 2 per person for our upcoming Sri Lanka adventure. Always easier in a hot climate and access to a washing machine.

It means that we will take two roller backpacks weighing 7kgs each and one small kids backpack.  Andrew will be in charge of the bags while I push Cooper in his wheelchair and keep Woody and Pepper close by.

It has been proven easier for us to pack and unpack,  jump on public transport and easier to navigate new places with 3 kids in tow. As long as we have access to a washing machine and a warm climate we are set to explore.

When you travel carry on only it means also that your toiletry/medicine bag also comes on board with you.  The airlines limit any liquids to 100mls so it takes some organising to make sure everything will get passed through security.

  • I always keep the toiletry bag on the top for easy access for going through security. You must take it out and have it open as it scans and so that airport staff can look at it.
  • keep everything 100mls or under. ( I got caught out in Bali with 150mls of shampoo which then got binned)
  • they are more lenient with baby goods/needs ( we take a 200ml bottle of Ibuprofen that has always been cleared)
  • Ikea has some great 100ml containers to label yourself. ( we have shampoo in ours)

flying carry on only

Here is what goes in our bag.

(All the medicines are just in case and we hardly ever need them but I would hate to get caught without them. Travel Insurance is also an essential for us.)

  • Kids medicines for pain and fever. ( the older kids now use tablets while Woody has the liquid) Paracetamol/Ibuprofen
  • Adult Ibuprofen
  • Gastro stop/Gastrolyte for any cases of dehydration/stomach upsets.
  • Antisepetic hand gel and cream.
  • Wipes- a million uses!
  • Toothbrushes/paste
  • Shampoo ( we then buy more when we arrive)
  • Sunscreen and Insect repellant.
  • bandaids
  • paw paw cream ( for relief of any itches/rashes)
  • powder ( for heat rash)
  • deodorant.
  • Antihistamine. ( Woody is allergic to mosquito bites and Cooper, dog hair.)
  • ear plugs for swimming.


What is an essential part of your Carry On Only bag? We would love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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Flying carry on only

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