Good Morning Travel

Good Morning Travel
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Today I am introducing to you 3 kids who love to adventure! They live in Australia and have been to some amazing places.

Name: Kian, Jude and Tehya

Age     :9,7 and 6

Travel blog:

Instagram: merakifamilytravel


What is your first travel memory? 

Kian- My first travel memory is going to Fiji and having fun at the kids club.

Jude- I can remember collecting big hermit crabs in Samoa.

Tehya- I remember going to see Santa in Finland and feeding the reindeer.

What have you learnt while exploring the globe? 

Kian- I’ve learnt that people around the world  have all different beliefs and that there are lots of

different languages.

Tehya- I have learnt how to speak in different languages.

Which cuisines have you tried and enjoyed?

Kian-  I had a giant banana in Samoa, which didn’t taste very nice. I really enjoy all the different

sausages in Germany.

Tehya- In Norway we had goats cheese from a farm.

What has been your favourite holiday destination?

Kian- Finland because I got to see reindeer and I don’t know anyone else that has done that.

Tehya- Seeing Santa. I think it will be Disneyland but we haven’t gone there yet.

Where to next?

America. Where we are visiting lots of national parks and going to Disneyland!


Wow Finland sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing your adventures.

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