Good Morning Travel.

Good Morning Travel.
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Hello friends.

My name is Cooper and I am your host of Good Morning Travel.

Each Sunday I will share with you stories from friends across the globe. I came up with 5 questions to ask kids from around the world so we could journey with them!

Here is some behind the scenes footage of how I work on the questions. I am using a new program to me called Clickr Sentences on my iPad. Mum scribed while I spoke the questions. Then Mum put the words in the program and I read the words and created the sentences again. As you can see it takes me a long time to put one sentence together as my movements ( Dystonia) are uncontrolled from my brain injury. This series is great practise for me to read and write about a topic I love.



I am excited to introduce the first 2 kids Eden who lives in Japan and Max who lives in Australia.

I hope you like their stories.


Name: Eden Signe
Age: 6
Siblings: Clio Valentina (sister, aged 3)
Travel blog: my Mom’s….
Instagram: my Mom’s @FunFlyingFour 


1. What is your first travel memory?

Drinking a ginger drink in Macau which was so “blah” it made my ears hurt!

2.What have you learnt while exploring the globe?

To sleep anywhere! I have slept on trains, boats, planes, in cars and my sister even slept on a tuk tuk!

3.Which cuisines have you tried and enjoyed?

Spring rolls in Vietnam & the spicy meal in South Korea

4.What has been your favourite holiday destination?

South Korea

5.Where to next?

I want to go to Bali but my dad wants to go to Mongolia so I’m not sure!

Travel kids
Eden on Halong Bay, Vietnam


Name: Max

Age: 6

Siblings: Lachie, 2

Travel blog: My Little Adventures


  1. What is your first travel memory?

Crab racing in the Maldives when I was 3 years old. I love crab racing!

2. What have you learnt while exploring the globe?

I’ve learnt about:

  • fire lighting in Fiji
  • Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in New York
  • Temples and shrines in Japan

3. Which cuisines have you tried and enjoyed?

I’ve tried Japanese which was a bit weird sometimes and in the Maldives the food was sometimes spicy.

4. What has been your favourite holiday destination?

I can’t decide!! The Maldives was so much fun but I loved America too.

5. Where to next?

We are going to Malaysia and I’m looking forward to swimming everyday!

travel kids
Max in Fiji


Thankyou Max and Eden for taking us on a journey through your travels. I loved the picture of Eden on the big boat in Vietnam and the crab racing in Fiji that Max talked about sounds so fun! Make sure you check out their family travel blogs for more travel inspiration.

If you would like to take part in Coopers travel series please send us an email

14 thoughts on “Good Morning Travel.”

  • so neat! I am intrigued by crab racing!!

    thanks for sharing the video of you putting the questions together too! Hope you enjoy your upcoming trip to Japan Cooper!

  • This is a fantastic idea Cooper.
    I also have super fond memories of crab racing in Fiji, which was actually my first ever holiday abroad – I was 13!!!
    I will ask Sofie and Emily in the morning (they are asleep now) but I am sure they would love to be part of your travel series.

  • So cool! We can’t wait to take part, I love seeing him put things together and express himself this way, he is so curious and I am so glad we got to meet Cooper in person and see more of what is difficult to express through words.

  • Great idea Cooper! Funny how everyone is relating to the crab racing – I too can remember doing this as a little girl with hermit crabs, and whistling to make them come out of their shells! I’m sure my 5-year old, Jaime, would love to take part in your series too – she loves traveling like you!

  • Hi Coops – it’s Marnie here!
    I LOVE your video clips and I think it’s so awesome how you’ve put captions on the introduction – very professional!
    I’ve got a new friend called Satria who is trying to do a similar thing to you – so I’m wondering if you might want to connect up and share your techno ideas together? I’ve got a feeling your mums know each other! Seeya soon
    Marnie Cameron xx

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