Beach accessibility. Exploring beaches across Frankston and Kingston. Melbourne.

Beach accessibility. Exploring beaches across Frankston and Kingston. Melbourne.
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Beach Accessibility across Kingston and Frankston. Melbourne.

The beginning.

I grew up going to the beach every weekend with my family. We could walk or we would pack up the car and make a day of it. When we decided to become parents I dreamed of spending days at the beach with my own kids, reliving my own memories and making new ones with my kids. I will never forget driving home from Carrum one Summer and Dad picked up a hitchhiker who we then dropped at a local pub. I remember getting dunked by the waves, building sandcastles with moats, covering our faces in zinc, finding $2 in the water and swinging around and around before Dad threw me in the water.

Then we had Cooper.

I had no idea how our beach adventures would look now. I had no idea how anything would really look.

I had Cooper in a hot February Summer. When he was 6 weeks old and at home for the first time we took him to Chelsea beach. It had no ramp or beach access back then and we struggled getting his pram anywhere near the sand.

When Cooper was smaller we would go and sit on the beach and eat dinner. He had a tube in his nose to drink milk, he liked looking at the seagulls but didn’t like the cold water.

As a toddler his hand would scrunch up when he touched the sand. He would smile and laugh as we splashed his toes.

When he was a preschooler we got a bike buggy attachment which we could push over sand. He would go stiff as a board when he went in the water and we held him close to us before he learnt to sit up.

A few years back we got the Hippocampe beach wheelchair and finally we could access the beach more easily as a family of five. Pep would walk and Woody could hitch a ride in the foot rest part! He could sit in it while in the water, get pulled across sandbanks, and be adventurous.

Our beach adventures look different to most.

They are different to how I imagined but we do it and we love it and we appreciate every minute that we spend in the water and on the sand.

Accessible beaches Melbourne

Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne has some amazing beaches to explore. We are going to explore beach accessibility for wheelchair users from the area of Frankston to Mentone. This area covers 2 municipalities of Frankston and Kingston.

This is a beach stretch of 20kms including 10 lifesaving clubs that we have explored this Summer and completed a check list to share with you. This list will make it easier for you to get to the beach and know what to expect before you hit the carpark/train station.

The following guide has 11 beaches along this stretch that are the most accessible for wheelchair users. There are 5 Surf Lifesaving clubs that hire out a beach wheelchair and 10 of them have accessible bathrooms. We went to all 11 beaches this Summer to photograph, play, swim and research.

Information is correct as of January 2017.

We hope this guide helps your family and friends access the beaches a little more easily. 



Name: Frankston Foreshore

Address: Nepean Hwy, Frankston

Municipality: City of Frankston

Parking: Carparking left and right of the pier. 6 Accessible car parks in total. Ticket parking. Resident Permit parking.

Toilets: Accessible bathroom at Visitors Centre. Toilets at playground and at Sofias restaurant.

Food/drink: Cafe and Restaurant at Sofias.

Access to sand: Boardwalk and direct sand access.

Wheelchair hire: Free hire of Hippocampe beach wheelchair from Visitor centre. 7 days a week 9-5 prebook 1300322842

Extras: The playground has a Liberty wheelchair swing ( key at Visitors centre)

Kids tip: Ice-cream tastes great at the kiosk! The foreshore art trail is also really fun to see the sculptures.

City of Frankston car parking fees for foreshore are currently $3 an hour. 8am-8pm.

Accessible beaches Melbourne


Name: Seaford Beach

Address: Seaford Lifesaving club, Nepean Hwy, Seaford.

Municipality: City of Frankston

Parking: 2 accessible parks. Ticket parking 4 hours. Permit for residents.

Toilets: Accessible bathroom with handrails and baby change table.

Food/drink: Beach cafe. 8-4 7 days a week.

Access to sand: Ramp direct to sand. The distance between the ramp and the sand seems best (shorter) at both Seaford and Frankston.

Wheelchair hire: No.

Extras: More Parking over the road behind the shops. Great food at the Spanish bar in Station Street.

Kids tip: We love when the sandbank comes and we can race along it. We also like having fish n chips for dinner!

Accessible beaches Melbourne


Name: Keast Park ( Horse Beach)

Address: Nepean Hwy Carrum ( next to Crackerjacks and Carrum Bowls)

Municipality: City of Frankston

Parking: 2 Accessible car spots. 4hr ticket parking. Permit for residents.

Toilets: Accessible toilet with handrails at Bowls club. Ground level.

Food/drink: Crackerjacks restaurant and kiosk.

Access to sand: Sealed path from car to beach. Tiled plastic to sand. There is a little step down to sand depending on erosion.

Wheelchair hire: No

Extras: Playground on foreshore. The Australian movie “Crackerjack” was filmed here indoors at the old bowls club.

Kids tip: The sand dunes are really fun to practise big jumps and the sand is really soft.


Updated January 2017: There is a new natural play space on the foreshore along with a sculpture. Read more here.


Keast Park



Name: Carrum 

Address: Carrum Lifesaving club Post Office Lane, Carrum. (opp train station)

Municipality: City of Kingston

Parking: 2 Accessible spots. Ticket parking. Foreshore parking permit for residents.

Toilets: Accessible toilet ground level in the breezeway.

Food/drink: Cafes on Nepean Hwy.

Access to sand: Ramp down to sand. Sand area is very wide until you get to water.

Wheelchair hire: Beach wheelchair ( sand cruiser) available for hire. Contact Carrum Lifesaving club 9776 0504 to discuss a booking.

Extras: There is a nautical themed playground with a nest swing. The boardwalk is a great place to enjoy the beach views too.

Kids tip: We love the playground here as we can pretend to be pirates!

please note : City of Kingston parking is now using a pay by phone app to pay for parking tickets. $3.30 per hour. Some machines still exist for coins.

Accessible beaches Melbourne


Name: Bonbeach

Address: Lord Weaver Grove, Bonbeach ( opposite Bonbeach train station) there is also access at Williams Grove.

Municipality: City of Kingston

Parking: 2 Accessible car spots. Ticket parking.

Toilets: Accessible toilet.

Food/drink: Cafes on Nepean Hwy.

Access to sand: Ramp to sand

Wheelchair hire: No

Extras: Try a bite to eat at the Little French deli on Nepean Hwy.

Kids tip: We like playing in the shallow water and making sandcastles.

Accessible beaches Melbourne


Name: Chelsea.

Address: end of The Strand, Chelsea.

Municipality: City of Kingston

Parking: 2 Accessible car spots at the playground area.

Toilets: 2 bathrooms. Handrails in all. ( in playground area)

Food/drink: Head up the Strand for a big choice of cafes.

Access to sand: Ramp to sand on both left and right sides of the Lifesaving club

Wheelchair hire: yes contact the life saving club 9772 3029

Extras: Lots of free parking at Safeway just over the road. Playground with a supportive swing seat. There is a great Vietnamese cafe ( Pho Van) on Nepean Hwy for lunch afterwards! ( barrier free entry)

Kids tip: We love the playground as you can climb up the lighthouse and see the city! A morning swim is best as the shallow water is really fun to explore.

Accessible beaches Melbourne


Name: Edithvale

Address: The Esplanade, Edithvale (opp Edithvale train station)

Municipality: City of Kingston

Parking: 1 accessible spot. 1.5hour parking. Limited street parking.

Toilets: At street level, no step but not wide/handrails.

Food/drink: Cafe on beach Seabreeze open 7 days a week early till evening (weather dependent)

Access to sand: Ramp access to sand.

Wheelchair hire: yes contact the lifesaving club (03) 9772 3968

Extras: Soul Press cafe just around the corner.

Popular dog beach

Kids tip: We liked building sandcastles with moats in the soft sand.

Accessible beaches Melbourne


Name: Aspendale.

Address: Groves street and Gnotuk street.

There is a ramped boardwalk between these two streets with ramped access to sand.

Municipality: Kingston

Parking: car parking area with off street parking. 2 accessible spots ( in Gnotuk)

Toilets: Lifesaving club has an accessible toilet. The toilets are opened at dawn and close at dusk.

Food/drink: Not on site. There are shops opp Aspendale Railway station.

Access to sand: direct sand access from Lifesaving club.

Wheelchair hire: No

Extras: Park in Gnotuk street. The little beach houses make for some great photography.

Kids tip: We liked watching the sunset on the beach.

Accessible beaches Melbourne


Name: Mordialloc

Address: Beach Road , Mordialloc.

Municipality: City of Kingston

Parking: Parking in two areas. 2 accessible spots. Ticket and permit.

Toilets: Toilets ( accessible) at the playground and at restaurant.

Food/drink: Small cafe near Pier. Restaurant and cafe on beach.

Access to sand: Boardwalk along beach stretch. This board walk continues all the way along the Bay from here mostly on the beach with some parts heading to the road then back.

Wheelchair hire: please contact the SLSC to arrange

Extras: More parking at Safeway across the road. Carnival held over Summer. Nest swing at playground.

Kids Tip: It’s fun to walk down the pier and look towards the city. The horses can train here in the mornings.


Updated January 2017- Mordialloc Lifesaving club and Kingston Council are trialling accessible beach matting until April 2017. During patrolled hours on the weekend 12-530pm. The Lifesaving club renovations will be complete by March 2017.

Accessible beaches Melbourne
Photo courtesy of Amy Leeks


Name: Parkdale.

Address: Parkdale Yatch Club, Beach Rd, Parkdale

Municipality: City of Kingston

Parking: Limited parking best to use a side street or further up. There is one accessible spot. ( Parkdale beach has a few different access points but the boat ramp here is very steep but better access than steps at the other points)

Toilets: at Yatch club, limited hours.

Food/drink: No but often in other carpark there is a food van. Beach cafe a little further back.

Access to sand: Boardwalk to sand. ( once you have gone down the boat ramp)

Wheelchair hire: No

Kids tips: We liked watching the kite surfers zooming in the air.



Name: Mentone

Address: Mentone Life Saving club, Beach road, Mentone

Municipality: City of Kingston

Parking: Limited parking at lifesaving club. Parking over road with crossing. There are 3 Accessible car spots. Ticket parking.

Toilets: Toilets ( including an accessible toilet) and change rooms at lifesaving club.

Food/drink: Cafe beachfront plus The Mentone LSC Kitchen Opens  Thursday 7 Jan The bar will be open from 4:30pm with meals starting at 5pm Thursday and Friday nights throughout the summer.

Access to sand: Boardwalk to sand. To get from carpark to boardwalk the ramp is very steep.

Wheelchair hire: No.

Extras: Music on the beach Thursday 24 Feb. Enjoy a pizza at Joes of Mentone over the road!

Kids tip: The water has great shallow parts and we used seaweed to make sand castles.



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Wheelchair accessible beaches

We would love to hear about your accessible wheelchair beach adventures too.

If you are heading to NSW central coast for beach adventures you’ll find some great information here.

More info can be found here:

City of Frankston

City of Kingston

Beach wheelchair

Hobson Council leads the way


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