Month: January 2016

Beach accessibility. Exploring beaches across Frankston and Kingston. Melbourne.

Beach accessibility. Exploring beaches across Frankston and Kingston. Melbourne.

Beach Accessibility across Kingston and Frankston. Melbourne. The beginning. I grew up going to the beach every weekend with my¬†family. We could walk or we would pack up the car and make a day of it. When we decided to become parents I dreamed of […]

Summer on the Mornington Peninsula. Sand sculpting Australia.

Summer on the Mornington Peninsula. Sand sculpting Australia.

The sand sculptures on the Frankston Waterfront are a must see this Summer. Brought to you by Sandstorm events they are a great day out combining with a trip to the foreshore playground or swim at the beach. This post is part of our Summer […]

1989. Fiji.

1989. Fiji.


No I am not referring to TSwift but the year I turned 13.

When Taylor was born I was a new teenager ready to explore the world.

My Mum had decided that when each of her three daughters turned 13 she would take us on a holiday for a week. It had to be a flight under 8 hours and we could help choose the destination. I had a huge love of water, conservation and exploring so we chose Fiji together. ( My middle sister chose New Zealand and my little sister Thailand).

We flew into Nadi then adventured by speedboat to the Island of Malolo and stayed at Club Naitasi which is now called Malolo Resort.

Fiji 1989
Malalo Island, Fiji

We stayed in a room a short walk to the sand, beach, pool and restaurant.

We spent the week adventuring in the water on banana boats. Swimming and snorkelling with turtles.

Fiji 1989
Snorkelling with turtles

I went parasailing for the first time. I loved being up so high and I could see turtles swimming below over the reef.

1989 Fiji
Fiji 1989
Liku Liku Beach, Fiji

We took walks around the island and had views like this from Liku Liku Beach. ( I love the fact that I wrote the details on the back of each of these photos too!)

We would share dinner with new friends each night and I made a great friend Jess who I have since lost contact with. Maybe this will reconnect us!

Mostly I remember just hanging out with my Mum and her encouraging me to do all the adventurous things high in the sky that she was too scared to try. I remember her windsurfing like a champion and making us all laugh at dinner time.

I love this tradition so much that I am of course going to repeat it with my own children and not surprisingly Andrew wants to do the same! Cooper dreams of China, Pepper wants Fiji and Woody just wants to go to the park!

Do you have a family tradition that you’ll share with your kids?