Our travels with 3 kids and a wheelchair.

Nara. Japan

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This post is part of a series of travel flashbacks. Andrew and I explored Japan childfree a few years ago. We hope you enjoy our travels.

Today we explore the beautiful city of Nara.


We reached Nara via the JR rapid service from Kyoto. It took 45 mins ( covered by JR pass).



Nara was the original capital and a small city with many temples and a huge park area.

We were staying at an traditional Japanese Inn called a ryokan. We met our lovely host Naomi and left our bags so we could explore the town.


We hired bikes for the day (24hours) which cost $17 each. It was the perfect way to see the sights.

There is Nara park which have wild deer roaming around and many temples and shrines. There is a great undercover mall area with many cool little retro shops.


We returned to the ryokan for a traditional set Japanese dinner. We had a private dining room and tried so many different foods over 8 different plates.




After dinner we went to a traditional stage comic show where Andrew got the chance to wear a traditional costume and for an hour we watched a performance which we had no idea what is was about. It was apparently amusing and headed by a very famous actor who came to meet us at the Ryokan later on.

We had a Japanese bath after the show and slept on futons on tatami mats with rice paper window screens while wearing Japanese robes.

It was such a good experience and a great contrast to the fast paced life of a city.


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