Guest Post. Kindness of Strangers.

Guest Post. Kindness of Strangers.
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Today I have a guest post from Mandy whom I have known for 8 years.

I love sharing adventures on the blog to give variety and a wide scope of places to visit and explore. We have only met a couple of times in real life but we have a connection that means you don’t have to see each other much to really understand how life works. We both have kids who have Cerebral Palsy. Different types of CP that affect our kids in different ways but we understand that life is different. Mandy runs her own business “ Mandy Hose she knows” helping and supporting parents in Melbourne to encourage positive sleep and settling in babies and children.


I have lots of travel stories, but one that springs to mind is when the twins were 10 months old. ( in 2006) I had just had J’s diagnosis and I was desperately sad, as you know, grieving and deeply in pain.

Darren had to go to Sydney for work, and he was worried about me, so he decided to take me and the twins with him for the week.

We had everything packed, food, bottles, toys, you name it and we got on the plane and all went smoothly.

When we got to Sydney airport, we had to go and get the pram and the luggage and carry the 2 babies.  I had them both in my arms and my backpack and Darren had his suit and computer in his arms.

I squatted down with both babes in my arms and tried to undo the plastic strip that had tied my pram together.  I could not open it without dropping the  babies, I desperately looked up to see if the security guard who was sitting right there reading his book would help me.  But no, of course not.

So I was sweating and trying and a man leant down and untied the pram and helped me lift it into position, all the while on his mobile phone. As I looked up so thankful, I saw that it was Guy Sebastian !!!!!!

I was so thankful and completely chuffed, I thanked him and got the girls in the pram and then looked up to see the same security guard was over getting an autograph from him.

So you can imagine my blood was boiling.

Anyway, I have NEVER forgotten this simple act of kindness from a man who could have chosen to not help.

Thankyou Mandy for sharing your story. It shows me that indeed travel with kids is often hard work and that small gestures can often make peoples day. Feel free to leave Mandy some comment love and any questions you may have.

Have you got a Kindness of strangers story to share?

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