Travel with kids- lets get real!

Travel with kids- lets get real!
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To balance out our adventures stories we of course got real. Holidaying especially with kids isn’t all fun, swimming and relaxing! To be honest this was my hardest holiday with the kids. Challenging in trying to balance out everyone’s needs and wants in a different country, different environment, hot hot weather and in limited time. We like to explore and be on the go but I would rethink jumping from place to place in two weeks and stick with the thought that at least 5 nights in one spot suits everyone at this stage of our travels.

It took about five days for everyone to get into sync with each other. We are so use to Andrew being at work and the big kids being at school. We had to learn how to consider each other and share our time and energy. Woody had to learn or rather be put back in his third child spot.

We have had our fair share of travel mishaps over the years. Cooper spent time in hospital with pneumonia in Cambodia, ( this resulted in having to go across the border and organise oxygen for a flight home) Woody had a severe allergic reaction to a mosquito in Sihanoukville and his face puffed up. I’ve spent time in Italy getting antibiotics and Germany getting antihistamines. This time I was armed with two first aid kits, antibiotics for everyone and enough band aids for a whole country. Prepared.

Until Woody is on the sleeper train and the bunk bed bar comes loose thanks to his sister and clocks him on the head, the sharp end. Pepper comforts him and as she takes her hand away there is blood….everywhere.

I did not pack a towel to soak up blood so we grab a packet of wipes and a ready to use ice pack. ( best $2 I’ve spent at the Reject shop) Heads bleed a lot. He recovers. The train master offers a bottle of iodine after screaming is heard from our compartment and we dab that on as my tube exploded on the plane. We were in Northern Thailand, somewhere….and no doubt far from any sort of medical care.

This holiday also saw our fair share of car and travel sickness. Pepper managed to vomit a few times on a return trip to Vang Vieng. It’s a 4-5 hour trip from the border and through some beautiful winding hills! (on the return trip we did it in 3 hours and basically I’m just happy to be alive!) She vomited on the way home from the airport. Lucky we came prepared with a big supply of plastic bags.

No major dramas but just a few little reminders that nothing is smooth sailing and it of course adds to our adventure stories!

And nothing that can’t be fixed with a glass of tequila or vodka or whatever this was for $1.50 a bottle.

Or an icecream!

Go on, get exploring!


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