Over the bridge.

Over the bridge.
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Over the bridge its seven kilometres to the Blue Lagoon. Seven kilometres on a rough bumpy road. In the back of the tuk tuk we are bounced around and laughing wondering which tyre track paths the tuk tuk will take as not to bottom out.

Along the way we pass small villages and houses and a school. A far cry from the tourist town across that bridge.

Kids are walking to school for their afternoon classes as we head for a swimming experience like no other.

The Blue Lagoon is a swimming spot for adventure. We were there around the middle of the day and it was busy but not crazy. It seems as if the party town of Vang Vieng has really calmed down and it’s seen more of a spot now for adventure and relaxation, without the need for excessive alcohol and drugs. At the blue lagoon you can swim, jump, zip line and just laze by the waters edge.

This time it was Peppers turn to test her adventure skills out as she planned to jumped from a tree branch into the water.

She was amazing! Coming up from the splash so excited that she did it and wanting to do it again. Cheered on from people from around the globe she was so proud of herself!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C7ToVC44iU&w=500&h=305]


Back in town the next day a group of men came across to Pepper and shouted ” number 1 jump at Blue Lagoon”

You couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.


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