Last surf for Summer- Disabled Surfers Association.

Last surf for Summer- Disabled Surfers Association.
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The aim of this amazing day is putting smiles on dials! Look at this face!

Cooper has attended this event for three years now. Our local branch hold two surfing days over Summer each year. We come along as supports for Coop who is a participant. Cooper sees it as a chance to jump in the surf, challenge himself and especially loves that he can have a personal group of volunteers boosting his ego!

I see an amazing event that does so many different things on so many levels.

I see people with a wide range of disabilities accessing an activity they may not usually be able to access.

I see kids, teens and adults.

I see whole families who volunteer for the first time or maybe the tenth time.

I see close to 300 volunteers.

I see 100 surfers.

I see new friends and old friends!

I see the volunteers and their families starting to see the person not the disability.

I see these young kids going to school and sharing their experiences and people talking and starting conversations.

I see young kids being educated and immersed in inclusion without even knowing it as they hit the waves and support new friends.

I see my child who happens to have a disability, laugh, smile, push himself, challenge himself, high kneel on that board and surf his own way, by himself for the first time.

Look at him, see past the disability, have high expectations, assume intelligence and you’ll learn and grow so very much.

Thankyou to everyone at the DSAMP event. The energy and buzz from the day is still in our home long after the sand has been washed from Coopers man bun!

The details:

Check website for 2016 dates.

Point Leo surf life saving club. ( in Vic you can also hit Ocean Grove)

$10 per surfer. Bring along a support person!

Gold coin donation drinks.

Sausage sizzle lunch

Fruit, lollies, snacks, water for surfers.

Hoodies, tshirts, surf wax for sale.

Interested in volunteering or donating or supporting? Contact

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