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The city of Venice is only 1 hour away by fast train from Verona.

It was top of the list for Cooper while in Italy.

We caught the fast train for €46 ( adults €23, kids free) 2nd class reserved seating. You can book online or from the ticket machine at the station. There is a slightly slower and cheaper train that covers this route too.

We booked online got an e ticket and off we went. ( we just showed the PDF to the ticket conductor on board)

We arrived in Venice, with the train station sitting right on the Grand Canal.
It was hot and really busy. We headed for some shade and walked along the streets looking at all the different little shops.
We knew Venice was going to be tricky with Coopers wheelchair and little toddler legs so we found the only step free bridge in the city and stopped for lunch.
We had an amazing lunch on the canal in a little courtyard covered in grape vines.
Just by the restaurant a Gondolier was dropping off a couple and Andrew organised for us to have a ride after lunch.
Our gondoliers name was Luca and he was fantastic. He was so welcome to our whole family and loved chatting with the kids. He told us all about the different buildings, the Grand Canal, the smaller canals and the history of Venice.


We loved visiting Venice for the day. It would be a great spot to visit again when the kids are older ( as in unrestrained toddler and water do not mix!)

We did love coming home to Verona at the end of the day.


The facts:

Our gondola ride went for around 40 mins and cost €80. It’s definitely a big big treat experience, but also a once in a lifetime.

Summer is peak season. It was 30oC on the day we went. Bring a hat and sunscreen and eat gelato! Apparently September is the perfect time to visit, cooler and less crowded.

There are a variety of water taxis available too to discover the canals. There are some clearly marked wheelchair accessible ones too.


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  • I am so glad you made it to Venice and had fun. We need to go back, and next time I am determined we will also ride in a ‘gondola’. 😉

  • Is that prosciutto and other cold meats i see on the table… I assume its andrews i want an update on how that was andrew. I also love the photos on this update especially the one with bron and woodrow!!

  • I’m so glad you had a wonderful daytrip to Venice. We had so much trouble hauling our wheeled luggage around the city that I was wondering how one manages with a wheelchair. Your gondalier sounds like he gave you a very nice tour of the canals. Ours just yelled into his mobile phone the whole time. On the other hand, my kids would probably have ignored any commentary anyways.

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