Castel Vecchio

Castel Vecchio
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Castel Vecchio was built in 1354 during the Middle Ages. It’s an amazing structure to walk through and across.
The younger kids and I enjoyed walking around and eating peaches while Andrew and Cooper went inside and toured the museum.
Here is Coopers story and pictures:
Daddy and I walked in to the castle from the main courtyard. We got our tickets at the museum. Then we walked through a door where there are all articifacts. Including a medieval coffin. I also saw a wooden cross with Jesus.
In the next room was the weapons. There were axes, mini axe, battle axe and a type of sword/spear.
Then I saw the armour.
We then went outside over the bridge that connected the castle to the museum. We saw the watch towers. We could see the whole of Verona.
Back inside we saw paintings in the museum. There was a massive painting of a knight.
My tips:
I recommend this kids over 7.
There is a lift to the upper level and bridge in the museum. The ground on the bridge is old and uneven.

Address: Corso Castelvecchio, 2 – 37121 Verona.

Opening hours: every day 8,30­- 19,30­; Monday 13,30­-19,30

Prices: Standard € 6.00 – Reduced € 4.50 (groups minimum 20 persons, students 14-30 years old and over 60) – € 1.00 (Schools and young people 8 – 13 years old ) – € 1.00 the 1° Sunday of the month for everyone (from January to May and from October to December) – Free entrance with the Verona Card.

Tel: 045 8062611


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