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Our tips and tricks.

Our tips and tricks.

Here is a list of our tips and tricks we used while traveling for six weeks in Europe with three kids aged 9,6,2. Pack light. We used one bag ( it’s actually two joined together). Each person had a Kathmandu travel cube containing three outfits. […]



For travel we use a bumprider attachment on Coopers wheelchair. It’s a little skateboard that clips on and Woody jumps on and can rest his legs. He is 3 in September and a good little walker but he often needed somewhere to rest or sometimes […]

London with kids

London with kids

After Wales we had three days in London. There are literally hundreds of things to do. You could spend a month here and just scratch the surface. There are so many museums and historical experiences to enjoy but we just did a few little things and loved them all.
Here are our top 7 experiences. Keep in mind we have three kids (9,6.2) and were at the end of six weeks travel. We were at the very slow travel stage!
1. Regent Street
When the kids were given the option of Buckingham Palace or Hamleys, they naturally chose the toy shop! We can always do Buckingham place next time but the kids are the perfect age for the oldest toy shop in London. It’s been in Regent since since 1881.
The best thing about the toys shop is that you can try so many toys out. You can touch them, see how they work and make as much as noise as you want.

The kids were excited to find the Steiff section after learning about it in German class.

Pepper got her nails painted, we tried out new textas and Woody got to use a remote control car.

For more info click here


2. London Eye.


The London Eye gave great views over London and takes around 45 minutes to go full circle. We had the first slot at 10am with minimal queue time. Book tickets online or you can get them there but the queues to just get tickets were long as were most other times during the day.

There is a great 4d movie too in the County Hall building.( fully accessible)

Wheelchair access right into the pod. ( they stop the pod and add a small ramp to cover the tiny gap)

3. Walk around SouthBank along the River Thames.


We stayed in the area of Westminster. It was a quick walk over the bridge to Big Ben and on the side of South Bank. It’s lovely to just walk along the river, There are plenty of places to eat and drink too. They have a skate park and a sandpit too!

4. Have a picnic dinner.


During Summer it’s a great time to be outdoors along the river. The sun doesn’t set until after 9pm and everyone was outdoors during the heat wave.

We grabbed some sandwiches and drinks from Tesco ( the closest was at Westminster Tube) or you could try Sainsburys at Waterloo tube. They had a £3 juice and sandwich deal which was perfect. It’s nothing like a 7-11 sandwich they actually taste great!

There is a great park too with a fantastic wooden climbing structure. It was also a great place to make new friends which all my kids did each night.


5. Ride a carousel.

During Summer they have a carousel operating at Southbank. It’s £2 a ride.

6. Watch the street performers.

Along the river and around Covent Garden there are lots of street entertainers to keep you smiling.

7.Walk and see the Landmarks.

London does have a fantastic public transport system but we walked everywhere. It’s just easier than trying to navigate accessible stations or figure out steps etc for those that don’t have lifts. We discovered lots on foot and the best thing is getting lost and finding things you weren’t expecting too!



Wales. Llandovery castle.

Wales. Llandovery castle.

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Royal Welsh Show.

Royal Welsh Show.

I went to the Welsh show with my Dad, Uncle Dylan and Poppy Nev. I saw lots of weapons and a shot gun. I sat in a police car. I held an owl. It was heavy. I ate chocolate fondue and fish and chips! I […]

Village life.

Village life.

Life in the village is so relaxed. The air is fresh, the hills are green and the water is cold.

There is a pub and a church, next door to each other.

The truth is before my sister married a Welshman we had no plan to visit Wales. We had no connection with this small country. We do now and even moreso after a visit here.

It’s the kind of place where time stands still. It’s natural, calm, slow paced.

The kids find their own fun, they swim in the river, they play outside all day, they leave after breakfast then return home for dinner.

Pepper loved playing with the girls. She got to ride Chess the horse and swim in a river. She love being able to just drop in to visit people and always have someone to play with.

We were welcomed so warmly by my nieces Welsh family that my kids now call the kids their cousins.

Thankyou to the whole Jones family for sharing your village with us and the time taken to welcome us into your homes and lives.

We will see you all again one day!


Berry picking Wales

Berry picking Wales

While the big boys went to explore the Welsh show, we took the younger kids berry picking. We found a farm close to Brecon. It is a PYO ( pick your own) farm with amazing raspberries and strawberries. You can also pick black currants, red […]



After a night in Windsor we headed across the bridge to Wales. It did drop 10oC but no rain in sight! We drove across Wales to a little village called Cil-y-cwm. The village has a pub, a river, a playground and the most beautiful hills […]

Legoland Windsor.

Legoland Windsor.

We went to Legoland during the Summer heat wave. When I say heat wave I mean days in the high 20’s which is hot for Britian. This day was actually 32, so hot!

We got to access the park early from the hotel and it was lovely to explore and ride without the big queues we found later on.

It would be perfect for a two night stay to access the water park and experience all the rides.

Access was great and we saw many wheelchair users enjoying the park.


Here’s what the kids had to say :


Woody ” I saw Wyldstyle and drove a boat with Mummy.”

Pepper ” I drove a lego car and got my license”

Cooper ” I liked the submarine ride best and the buffet” ( the buffet was from the night before but it was a highlight of Legoland!) ( Beth if you are reading this you would have enjoyed a visit with us!)


Some extra tips:

Bring your own picnic lunch there are plenty of shady spots to enjoy.

You can buy a drink bottle ( €7.5) and get free refills all day.

There are lots of rides that need an adult with you so with three kids we had to have one wait their turn.


For more info on costs and opening times click here.


Legoland Hotel Windsor.

Legoland Hotel Windsor.

[youtube] “We didn’t know we were going to Legoland at all!” It was a surprise and we were all so excited.( warning it’s loud!) We landed at Gatwick from Italy and drove to Windsor. We stayed in a Kimgdom room with knights and princesses. […]