Month: May 2014

SriLanka 1990.

SriLanka 1990.

I have been thinking a lot of how my love of travel was sparked from my parents and from my paternal grandparents. I have so many travel memories as a child but the following story is the standout in my mind. When I was 13 […]

Children’s books to inspire European travel

Children’s books to inspire European travel

As we gear up to take our three kids on a 6 week Europe adventure, we have discovered some new books to get us even more excited. I often read the older kids the Lonely Planet guides but these books have beautiful pictures and words […]

Sydney- mini break

Sydney- mini break

As well as overseas trip we also like to have mini adventures closer to home and this time I took the big kids to Sydney. It's a win win situation. Andrew gets some time with peanut and the big kids and I get to explore a new city without having to stop for day naps or toddler tantrums. 2 days is never enough and both kids were sad to leave wishing we had booked more nights. We love Sydney so will be back with a chance to catch up with more friends! Sydney: Sleep:

We had 2 days in the city and stayed in the Haymarket/Chinatown area. Werented an apartment ( Meriton, Campbell st) which had a full kitchen, bedroom, laundry, bathroom and living area. It also had a pool and spa which the kids loved. With a kitchen we were able to have breakfast at home and just relax in the mornings before we headed out.


The first day we celebrated my birthday by having morning tea at the Palace TeaRooms at the heritage QVB. Savoury and sweets served on beautiful china plates and peach tea. They were very welcoming to children and you can get high tea at anytime of the day. We also found Zumbo in this building ( lower ground shop 58) and tried some new macaron flavours and deserts. We ate Thai both nights. First at Nok Yok and then at Chat Thai. First was more authentic rustic and the other more modern. Just behind the Chinese garden is a new ice cream shop ( N 2) we discovered that uses liquid nitrogen in their cooling process in a lab set up. All the kids thought this was great. Ice creams were $6.

Play and learning:

We visited the Police and Justice Museum at Circular Quay. It showcases the history of crime and punishment in NSW. The photo exhibit is very interesting although Master C found some of the pictures too confronting. They have great displays of weapons but again Master C found it a bit too authentic. He loves the history but not the reality. You could also see the courtroom and holding cells. It has wheelchair access around the side of the building but some steps within being an authentic heritage sandstone building.

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Both afternoons we spent at Darling Harbour. They have a fantastic area for families just back from the water. There is a flying fox, sandpit, giant slide, smaller slides, swings, a big nest swing and giant climbing frames. There is also water fountains and water pumps and channels to expand your science skills. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and great lounge chairs set up on the grass. It was perfect in the sunshine just to sit and relax and people watch. We were lucky enough to meet up with friends on the second day and get a guided tour of the city through kids eyes. We spent time at Kings Comics in Pitt street, where the kids found all their favourite things Futurama and Batman.

Myer in George St has a lego display which has diminished since last year but the kids enjoyed it.

From the kids: Miss P (5) loved the flying fox in the park and playing in the water fountains. She did not like the Ibis birds jumping on our table and stepping in her nachos and spilling her lemonade! Master C (9) loved the Comic book shop and did not like having to come home. Getting there: We flew Jetstar out of Avalon. The flight is 1hr 20 mins which is almost less than the time it takes to get to Avalon! They do have some good sale fares though. Ours were $29 each way. ( hand luggage only) We did pay extra to take stored luggage. ( $25)

Avalon is a very small airport and you walk out on the Tarmac. They have a lift for wheelchair uses and they do appreciate if you let them know in advance. ( when booking online just check special services). Special thanks to Stacey for being so friendly on departure and again at arrival.


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