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We attended our second Disabled Surfing event today. It was an amazing event. It’s held twice a year through the Mornington branch at Point Leo surf beach. There are a huge amount of volunteers who make this day possible. There are volunteers of all ages and lots of families volunteer together.
It means so much to a family like ours having typical families spend a day with us, making sure Coop has fun and gets to enjoy the surf just like anyone else.
These are the new kids beach wheelchairs that Harcourts donated to Point Leo. They are fantastic! Coop was the first person to try this one out.
These are th volunteers supporting Coop. There are six teams like this across the beach.

Thank you for such a great morning. It means so much to us and to Cooper. Everyone was so welcoming and amazingly friendly. Coop was really indulged and the smile on his face was priceless.

See you again in March.


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