Our travels with 3 kids and a wheelchair.

Keeping Healthy while travelling.

Keeping Healthy while travelling.

When we ask people what they worry about most when travelling with kids, it always comes back to keeping healthy while exploring. We have had our fair share of ups and downs with travelling. It is not always gazing at the Eiffel Tower or taking […]

Top 10 Instagram Hashtags for Family Travel

Top 10 Instagram Hashtags for Family Travel

Instagram is the perfect social media platform to research your next holiday, be inspired , plan new adventures and share your own adventures. Each day Instagram has over 400 million users. Each day over 150 million users are sharing stories on Instagram and having fun […]

Bushwalking using a wheelchair.

Bushwalking using a wheelchair.

Growing up in Victoria we would spend lots of time outdoors in the bush. Camping, bushwalking, weekly Girl Guides and Brownie camps. We haven’t done much bush walking with our kids as honestly the bush track and terrain and a wheelchair are really hard work and not exactly enjoyable for all involved. We have usually been beach goers but decided to head bush.

We ( me!)  all agreed to give it another go after we got an extra wheel attachment for Coopers manual chair ( this terrain would also be great use for the Hippocampe beach wheelchair) and headed to explore the Briars in Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula. The Briars is made up of 230 hectares including an old homestead. They host tours here, garden classes and free access to lots of walking tracks discovering native flora and fauna.

The Briars Visitor Centre is a great first stop where you can pick up a map and get some local knowledge to help plan your walk. I say this in hindsight as we decided just to head out and should have definitely chatted with a ranger first but you live and learn! The visitors centre is fantastic to extend the kids learning after a walk too. They got to read some books about the different animals and even see the skeletons of some. The Ranger on duty gave us some great information and was extremely knowledgeable and patient with all the kids questions.

We started off exploring the Woodland walk which is not wheelchair accessible but we were up for a challenge and enjoyed some amazing views from the paths across the property.  We heard kookaburras in the trees and saw lots of birds.

The best wheelchair accessible walk to take is the Wetland walk which takes you across boardwalks with stops along the way at bird hides. The kids loved looking at the posters on the walls and then out to the water to name some of the bird life.


We rekindled our love of bushwalking and are keen to try out the Balcombe Creek walkway next.

Extra Info:

No cost.

The other wheelchair accessible areas are:

  • Balcombe Creek Walkway (800m to Nepean Highway)
  • Visitors Centre (disabled toilet inside)
  • Historic Homestead, Angus & Rose Café and Josephine’s Restaurant
  • Eco Living Display Centre

Remember your good walking shoes, hats, sunscreen and water bottles too.

Discover Bendigo with kids.

Discover Bendigo with kids.

Bendigo lies 150kms North West of Melbourne and showcases some great adventures for families. From amazing architecture, gardens, and museums to art galleries, and new vibrant cafe precincts adorned with street art. We loved discovering Bendigo and here is what you can do with 24 hours […]

Free Top 5 for kids on the Mornington Peninsula.

Free Top 5 for kids on the Mornington Peninsula.

Top 5 for Under 5’s FREE kids activities on the Mornington Peninsula The Mornington Peninsula is just an hours drive from Melbourne city and hosts a range of amazing activities for all age groups. From mazes and wineries to strawberry picking and swimming it has […]

Enchanted Garden Adventure.

Enchanted Garden Adventure.

There isn’t a better place to spend a warm Summer day than running through a huge hedge maze and sliding down a hill in an inner tube. According to the kids that is!

We spent three hours exploring the Enchanted Garden located in Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula. The gates open at 9am and we were playing hide and seek in the first maze by 9:10. The kids loved finding the 5 buddhas and secret Japanese garden amongst the hedges that are over 25 years old.

The Children’s Maze held lots of secret corners and surprises too. The kids played snakes and ladders, made music in the music shed and spent time in the sandpit.

Around the park.

Along with the mazes there are lots of engaging activities for kids of all ages. Obstacles courses to keep the kids active and thinking. Boardwalks to run along, ropes to swing on and art sculptures to enjoy.

Tube Slides.

This was the highlight of the kids morning. The tube slide area opens up at 10am and is available for kids over 3 ( with a parent) and over 5’s can ride alone. It is part of the general admission ticket price. There are single and double tubes to ride in.

There are a variety of slides available all staffed at the top and bottom. Staff gave lots of support with choosing inner tubes and giving directions on the best way to go down. Team members were extra helpful with our family carrying our tubes while I helped Cooper walked up the big hill. This huge smile was worth the workout up the hill!


Wheelchair access.

All the mazes were able to be navigated by Cooper using his manual wheelchair. Some of the gradients around the garden were steep ( yet smooth) which would have been better suited to his Power chair or beach wheelchair. Cooper was able to access the Canopy walk across the wooden swing bridges. There are accessible toilets and accessible parking. The tube slides are not wheelchair accessible but with help we supported Cooper to walk up to the top. He was safe and secure in the tube.

Extra tips:

Other adventures are available which we would love to try next time! The tree surfing was really popular and looks like a great adventure for the whole family.

Pack hats, sunscreen and drink bottles.

Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the gardens. There are plenty of tables and chairs in shared areas. There is also a cafe on site.

All the address and ticket details can be found here.


  • * we received general admission tickets in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are our own.
Surfing for everyone.

Surfing for everyone.

Our beach and outdoor adventures look a little different than most yet they can be just as adventurous. You just have to know where to look and have some extra planning. Each year the Disabled Surfers Association run two events at Point Leo surf beach […]

Pure Peninsula Honey, Farm Talk.

Pure Peninsula Honey, Farm Talk.

Pure Peninsula Honey. School holidays make a great time to learn and explore outside of a classroom. Pure Peninsula Honey host educational Farm talks over the month of January. Emma hosted the morning and had all the kids and adults engaged with a variety of […]

World Bites Box

World Bites Box

World Bites box takes you around the world each month through a snack journey!

Without a doubt one of the highlights of travel is trying new foods.

Whenever we explore new destinations the kids love going to the local store and discovering new snacks and treats.

We have tried curry flavoured twisties in Sri Lanka, green tea ice-cream in Japan and of course Pfeffernusse gingerbread in Germany.

We can’t go everywhere and try everything and this is where World Bites box comes in to take our tastebuds to a different country each month. Founder Kelly has brought her love of travel and food together in such a fun way.

Which country will we discover today?

We received our box in the post and the kids were so excited to see which country we would get to explore from our own living room.

They loved the booklet that came with the box. Each snack was described and they learnt more fun facts about France.

This would make such a great gift for friends or family who love to explore. It was great to rediscover France after exploring Paris in 2014.

The details:

Each month a new box is delivered to your door.

You can sign up for 3 months for $80AUD ( shipping included )

Available in Australia and coming soon for International foodies!

For more info on subscriptions head here.

*We received our France box from World Bites Box and as always opinions are our own. 


To watch the kids open their World Bites box check it out here!

Please note these are not professionally trained actors!



Sky high in Melbourne.

Sky high in Melbourne.

Eureka Skydeck. I think we have found the best way to discover Melbourne! Head up! You can gain amazing views of this fabulous city and really get your groundings for when you explore the city streets. Eureka Skydeck is located in the Eureka Tower building […]

Top tips for traveling with a 3 year old.

Top tips for traveling with a 3 year old.

This adventure saw our youngest child aged three.
On reflection it is at this age that some things become easier, gone are naps, nappies and prams but you also have to allow for a lot of flexibility as far as tiredness, determination and moods go!
Here are our top tips:
  • Reduce expectations. Gone are the days of cramming in activities from dawn to dusk! Be happy if you get one outing and limited tantrums.
  • Schedule pool time. It was the hottest month in Laos and a pool was a necessity. We would have two swims a day which kept Woody happy and allowed us all to cool off.
  • Reduce travel speed. Once you slow down to three year old walking pace you get to experience a lot that you may have missed. You get to talk to more people and make new friends.
  • Stock up on favourite snacks and drinks. Woody is not as adventurous with his food like his siblings. He’s happy if there is a steady supply of strawberry milk and biscuits. We always had these handy at airports, on the train and by the pool. We encouraged all efforts of trying something new.
  • Praise all efforts made to say hello to new faces. It’s beautiful the response kids get when they say hello and please in the local language. Encourage politeness but also understand that kids may get annoyed with the costant attention, arm and cheek squeezing and touching of golden locks.
  • Take small adventures in new vehicles. The experience of getting from A to B was enough of an outing if it involved a tuk tuk, push bike or motorbike. Woody loved the journey as much as the destination.
  • Join in activities with local kids. My kids loved swimming in the river at sunset in Vang Vieng and running through the markets with kids in Vientiane. Having kids opens up so many conversations with both locals and other tourists. Language is often a barrier but hand gestures and facial expressions go along way.
  • Bring along notepads, stickers and a favourite toy for the plane and waiting around airports. iPads are also great filled with favourite short tv shows to hold interest. Lollipops are also great for take off and landing as well as waiting in Immigration queues.
  • Tag team parental repsonsibility. We always try and get a morming or afternoon alone to explore while one of us stays with the kids. This allows the kids to rest around the hotel.
  • Our kids were welcomed everywhere we went. We went for family massages, temples and out for dinner and the kids were always greeted warmly. Don’t be afraid to get and and try everything even with kids in tow!